Infrarr 15K EVO


IR Semi-Arch dryer INFRARR 15K EVO

The innovative IR electric professional short wave dryer INFRARR 15K EVO(max. 15 KW) was designed for installation in preparation zones and is equipped with dual automation that enables complete parallel and transversal movement on the vehicle to enable automatic drying of each surface or part. INFRARR 15K EVO ensures a drastic reduction of the drying times of paints and energy used. It also allows for increased productivity in the preparation area in terms of cycles per day resulting in increased profits and reduced waiting times. INFRARR 15K EVO is ideal for all modern carbodies repair, from the smallest to those with big repair/work volumes.


The high-tech INFRARR 15K EVO is accompanied by an easy to use even by the touch screen system. The setting of the drying cycle is intuitive and fast. The pre-set programs can be easily modified and adapted to your needs or paint. You can modify or correct the cycle also during work in progress. The operator can quickly select the range of IR lamps to be used. INFRARR 15K EVO is also equipped with sonar to allow drying at the correct distance.
The INFRARR Semi-Arch IR dryer 15K EVO was designed to work on one or more preparation and painting zones.It is equipped with dual automation/robotisation that enables complete drying of the car and the various dismantled parts. The lightweight construction allows fixing to walls or ceiling of the preparation area. The sliding rails are made of aluminium and are not electrified so as to be safer for the operator. The power cables run inside special chains attached to aluminium ducts. The special design and Semi-Arch shape allows an easy and fast drying of all parts of the car. Thanks to its particular shape, even during non-use, the INFRARR 15K EVO is not awkward. INFRARR 15K EVO has a microprocessor that manages the speeds, distances, temperatures, times, IR lamps and sensors of control / security; all information are visible and controllable through the intuitive touch screen multi languages. It is provided, moreover, a further security system for controlling the air flow of paint (optional). All the electronic boards placed on the machine communicate through an innovative wireless system. The main software is easily updated and customizable possibly via the USB port. Electronic control units and panels of the IR lamps series are cooled by special fans to prevent overheating and prolong longevity. At the end of the drying cycle, you can move the vehicle immediately dried or details by which once cooled you can proceed with polishing or any other machining operations.
The system is suitable for all cars, SUVs, minivans and related parts removed. You can also dry the removed parts and series details.
INFRARR 15K EVO can be installed in each preparation area regardless of their length without compromising or modifying their functionality and without neither reduce nor penalize the operating space. Its design is studied to minimize the overall dimensions during use and parking. The structure and aluminium rails keep the weight light.