Infrarr SR


IR suspended dryers on rails “SR”

The IR electric dryers suspended INFRARR are designed according to the highest quality standards and technology for installation in the spray booth or preparation area. Ensure a drastic reduction of the drying time of the paint and the energy used, permitting, in addition, a higher productivity of the painting area in terms of cycles per day and consequent increase in profits and decrease wait times.


Standard drying area

Professional Infrared technology short wave, IR lamps with red filter for UV emission reduction:

Standard drying area

Infrared technology fast-medium wave, quick and easy to use, IR lamps without UV emission:
The IR dryer suspended is essential for all modern carbodies in order to improve the drying process in terms of quality and speed it in terms of time. The IR dryer is easy to move throughout the area of work; also, on the same area of work you can install various dryers according to your needs.


The operator selects the IR lamps cassettes needed for the drying cycle and, with the aid of computerized control with pyrometer, also select the maximum desired temperature on the support to dry. Cassettes selected will light up until you reach the set temperature. The energy is then used only where needed and when needed in order to minimize the energy consumption and waste. Saving energy also means respecting the environment.
The IR suspended dryers INFRARR allow a faster and better drying implementing, therefore, the potential of the spray booth or of the preparation area and reducing downtime or waiting.
TThrough the special pyrometer for temperature reading (optional for mod. CP80) the control unit checks the temperature set by the operator and automatically manages the power on and off of the series of IR lamps in order to keep drying at constant temperature. The temperature is controlled to avoid waste and without overheating the supports. The drying without overheating of the supports avoids the long and delicate operations of masking, disassembly and reassembling of do not dry out. The laser pointer allows the correct positioning of the pyrometer.
The SR is suitable for all cars, SUVs, minivans, vans and related parts removed. The dryer, having two cassettes, ensures a large area of drying. The adjustable cassettes and its rolling chassis allow drying of all surfaces of the car.
The high-tech of the IR dryers INFRARR is accompanied from an easy of use also of the control unit. Setting the drying cycle is intuitive and fast. The pre-set programs can be easily modified and adapted to their own paint or need also during the cycle.
It can be installed in each spray booths or preparation area regardless of their length without compromising or modify their functionality and without reducing it penalize operating spaces. Its design is designed to minimize the overall dimensions during use and parking. The structure and aluminium rails keep the weight light. The absence of ground cables guarantee excellent mobility and increased safety in the work area.