(IR and UV)

An innovative dryer where each IR and UV lamps cassette works independently and is equipped with a own pyrometer to control temperature, its own sonar to control distance and the relevant laser pointer for correct positioning of the pyrometer and the sonar. Furthermore, the control panel is equipped with a modern, colour touch-screen with a simple, intuitive and multi-lingual interface. The software is quickly upgraded using the USB port and comes with pre-set programs that can be completely customised based on personal requirements.
  • High performance UV LEDs
  • UV LED with focusing lens
  • Protective cover
  • Immediate ignition and 100% yield
  • Possibility of immediate on - off - ignition cycles
  • Maximization of energy and economic savings
  • High quality professional product
  • Maximum performance and IR and UVperformance
  • Independent IR and UV functionality
  • Touch screen control unit with control of IR and UV functions, multilingual system
  • Control of temperature, distance and positioning
  • Control and visualization of the energy cost
  • Ventilated cassettes
  • Pre-set and customizable programs for IR and UV use
  • Easy to use and understand


The operator selects the IR lamps cassettes needed for the drying cycle and, with the aid of the computerized control with pyrometer, also selects the maximum desired temperature on the support to dry. The IR lamps cassettes selected will switch on and work independently and autonomously to keep drying constant and at the set temperature. The energy is then used only where needed and when needed in order to minimize the energy consumption and waste. Saving energy also means respecting the environment.


The motorization allows the automatic movement of the dryer parallel to the side of the car so as to extend the area of drying and decrease time to work. When the cycle ends, the return to the parking area is automatic. The footprint when parking and working is kept minimal. The complex computerized system turns out to be simple and intuitive to understand and use for the operator. The selection of the drying area is quick and changeable also in the current cycle. The motorization can be installed on dryers equipped with control unit for controlling the temperature. The IR dryer motor is technologically advanced but turns out to be simple to use for the operator.


The high-tech of EVO control units is accompanied by an easy to use even by the touch screen system. The setting of the drying cycle is intuitive and fast. The pre-set programs can be easily modified and adapted to your needs or paint. You can modify or correct the cycle also during work in progress. The operator can quickly select the range of IR lamps fixtures to use.
The lightweight construction allows fixing to walls or ceiling of the preparation area. The sliding rails are made of aluminium and are not electrified so as to be safer for the operator. The power cables run inside special chains attached to aluminium ducts. The area is then kept clear from the cables. INFRARR SR COMBI EVO LED (IR and UV) dryers have a microprocessor that manages the drying times, temperatures, and its use of IR lamps (optional for mod. CP80), speed (only with motorization) and sensors of control/security; the whole is visible on the display and easily controllable. There is also a further security system for controlling the flow of paint (optional). IR cassettes are equipped with special fans to prevent overheating and prolong their longevity. You can install multiple dryers on the same working area. At the end of the cycle it is possible to move the vehicle immediately or the dried details by which, once cooled, you can proceed with polishing or any other machining operations.
The special pyrometers autonomously detect the temperature set by the operator and automatically and independently manages switch on and off of the relevant IR lamps cassettes. The temperature is controlled to avoid waste and without overheating the supports. The drying without overheating the supports avoids the long and delicate operations of masking, disassembly and reassembling of do not dry out. Distance:
Thanks to the sonar to read the distance, the operator can easily position the IR lamps cassettes at the correct distance from the surface to dry. Positioning:
The laser point allows you to check on the surface to dry in which point the temperature and distance are detected. Costs:
At any time and at the end of the cycle on the display you can check the exact energy consumption and the relevant cost in your currency.
- The drying area is extended to the whole length of the car or series of parts.
- At the same juncture of time it manages to dry a wider area by decreasing downtime and waiting and speeding up the process of preparing the car.

Protective cover